Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh, Kent . . .

I thought I would treat you all to an updated picture of Kent. He's back to normal . . . ok, normal for Kent. Everything seems to be functioning correctly and he is back to his old self. There are little if any signs of the accident. He has however learned that outdoor adventures and holiday weekends don't go so well. Because of this Ben and I were a little surprised when he called and asked us to give him and his friend Lindsay a ride up to the top of Millcreek Canyon on 4th of July weekend. They rode their bikes down pipeline. Luckily Kent was wearing a helmet but Lindsay forgot hers. We tried to remind her what happens when you ride with Kent but she was not deterred. We did however encourage her to stay at least 50 ft back so she could stop when he crashed.


Heather said...

This crazy kid we know as Kent will never change. At least he wore his helmet. I do remember hearing from several people that you always let Kent go first because he goes a million miles an hour and give yourself room incase he wrecks. :) We love you Kent!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kent,
It is good to hear your are doing so well. I was glad to hear that things were back to your normal
Nate Black