Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hijacked by Morris

Kent's blog while inactive has been temporarily hijacked by our Grandfather.

Grandpa Dannelly (Morris) was in a car accident yesterday. He was coming back from the well when they rolled the pickup. Grandpa had a cut on his head and fractured a couple of vertebrae. The radiologists said it looked like it was the C1, C2 and T2 vertebra but his brain and spine look good.

They flew him up to Salt Lake from Cedar and my mom and I were able to meet him at the hospital. I was able to sit in his room in the ER with him for about 40 minutes while they waited for a room to be ready for him up in shock trauma. Other than the "damn board" they had him on, he said he wasn't in too much pain. They have him on some pretty good painkillers so he seems to be pretty comfortable for an 80 yr old man with a broken neck. We sat and visited about the farm, the garden and the grandkids. He made my mom rub his sore butt and then made me scratch his head. I told him he owed me a dollar since that was my rate for combing his hair when I was 8.

All in all he is acting like himself.

The plan was for him to meet with the neurosurgeon this morning to determine the best course of treatment. My dad (Paul) talked to the medical staff this morning and it sounded like he was not going to need surgery. They will probably put him in a brace to stabilize the neck while it heals. They are hoping to have him sitting up later today. Grandma (LaRue) is on her way up right now. We should have more information later on today. We'll keep you posted!

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Heather said...

Hope everything turns out ok. I love Morris and LaRue. I will be thinking about them.