Monday, September 17, 2007

A call for photos

So I know Tracey has made a call for videos and such for Kent to watch, I would like to reiterate this and also ask for more photos. Kent has a digital photo frame and we have a ton of room on it for more pictures. If you have any pictures of you with Kent or just pictures he might like send them to:

Again remember Kent's mom and sisters are going to see these pictures so keep them clean. (I am looking at you BreAnn, just kidding)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kent, this is Glen's oldest sister Anna. I don't know if you remember me because I am not around much, but I am sure you remember my daughter (Glen's niece), Morgan. I just want you to know that you are in my prayers and I am glad that your recovery is going well. We need as much help keeping Glen in line as possible!
~Anna McIntyre-Ballard

Joe said...

Good morning Kent, This is Joe & Tina Bailey (Bailey Auto). Karen told us about your accident. You are in our prayers. Looks like your recovery is coming along. Hang in there you will make it. LDS has awseome rehab. Thats where Mikey our mechanic was after being buried in a avalanche in 2002. They are so wonderful up there and do awesome work. You hang in there. Joe & Tina

Anonymous said...

Hi from Elder Spencer Ryser, Russia Novosibirsk Mission - My mom is keeping me posted on your recovery. I'm praying for you. You're awesome! Love ya lots! Can't wait for the -40 degree weather here in Russia!!! Yeah!! Keep the faith!

Also from Elder Ryan Orton (Orty), Manila Philippines Mission - Tell him or his family that Orty is praying for him and that i wish all the best for him and i know that he will be alright. Also tell him that i love him!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kent,

Welcome back to Utah!!! We have been in Vernal for a few days, but we have been keeping up on your progress through Glen. What wonderful strides (pun intended) you're making! While we were in Vernal we visited the most amazing petroglyphs. 600 years ago the Fremont Indians recorded their history and what was significant to them. I was reminded of you and this blog - you have been such a wonderful friend to Glen (thank you!) and have such an influence and impact on so many people that everyone is compelled to record it. It's great to see how determined you are. Double 'thumbs up' to you!!! (imagine that on a Petroglyph!)

Gus & Becky McIntyre

Anonymous said...

Haha. Hey now. What pics are we referring to eh? Just tryin to crack a few smiles;)

My dad has a couple pics he may send or I will of Kent on my dad's Harley:) And yeah...

Also, my dad and lil sis are gonna try to visit Kent this week sometime probably within the next couple days.

Gods Blessings, Bre