Monday, September 17, 2007

_____ Days Since the Last Accident

So our dad reminded me that people may not understand the title of the blog. Our family, especially Kent, likes to go down to the sand dunes by Delta. As you drive into the park there is a sign with a flip chart that says "____ Days Since the Last Accident" (or something to that effect). For those of you who don't know, Kent has a run of accidents in the last year. Last Spring he busted up his knee and had to have surgery on it. Then in March be busted his wrist and his thumb and got to double cast it. About a month before the most recent accident he was tubing and his buddy toothed him in the back of the head leaving wound that required stitches. Ben and I joked about a month ago that we were going to put the same sign on his bedroom door. I guess having a blog on the web counts.

14 Days Since the Last Accident.

Hopefully being in the hospital will extend it a little longer.

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