Saturday, September 8, 2007

Now it's Kent's turn

Here are the latest pictures of Kent. His haircut is looking much better but he is starting grow quite the mustache.
You can see the trach in his throat. They took him off the ventilator last night and he breathed on his own all night. That's 12 hours!!! The goal is to keep him breathing on his own so they can move him up to the 6th floor out of ICU.

Here are some pictures of Kent's physical therapist. Even when he's asleep he's got the ladies all over him. She's even blonde.

He's starting to look more and more like Kent everyday.

They will continue to wean him off of the sedatives. If he gets agitated they will put him back on to get a break.

Talking to our Dad this morning he wanted us to express to you that now is the time that we really need all of your "prayers, chants, meditations, or rock kicking" (Paul's word). The doctors have "screwed him up, stitched him up, bolted him, and plated him." (Again Paul's word) At this point it's all up to Kent. We are moving into the recovery period. It's time for him to start waking up and giving us an idea of what lies ahead.


Anonymous said...

He's looking good! I think I even like the shaved head look on him. I am glad to hear that the surgery went good and that he's ready to start recovering. Our prayers are still with you all everyday...especially with Kent. Our hopes are with him as the sedatives are weaned off that all will be well. Keep up the positive progression!

Nicole and Alex

Anonymous said...

You are all in our thoughts and prayers all the time. We are hoping and praying for the best over the next few days and weeks. Just keep telling Kent how much faith we all have in him, we know he is strong and hope his recovery will be full and quick. Kent you look good! Keep up the hard work and recovery!
We love you all!
Steph and family

Anonymous said...

Kent is really looking alot better! And im so glad to hear that his surgery went well. Agian, Kent and all of you are still in my prayers. And if you need anything im here. God Bless!
-Ashley Salvador