Monday, September 10, 2007

The tubes

Kent apparently doesn't like having tubes in him. When my parents returned to his last night he had managed to pull his feeding tube out of his nose. The nurse told us earlier yesterday that pulling it out would be close to impossible and very painful. There was no blood so we aren't quite sure how he got it out. In order to keep him from pulling ALL of his tubes out they strapped his arms back down. He didn't like that either. He then proceeded to try to wrap his legs around the tubes and pull them out that way. Dad said that he isn't sure how much of it is voluntary but we think it's kind of funny.

Kent is still leaking cerebral fluid. The doctors said that it may take up to 12 days for that to heal and he's a 7 days. He also still can't open his right eye. The neurosurgeon told us that he has nerve damage in that eye that is likely causing double vision and may have to wear a patch over it. Ben thinks that his may not be such a bad thing. He says it will make him look dangerous.

My parents wanted me to thank you for all of your prayers and fasts. We firmly believe that they have been key in Kent's recovery. Please keep it up!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kent!
It just doesn't seem possible that this has all happened - our family is constantly praying for you. The Primary kids are too - we all miss you so much! It just isn't the same without your fun personality around here. We can't wait til you get home!

Paul & Leann - please let us know what we can do here at home. So many people love you and want to help. Thanks, Tracy for all the updates. It has helped us all!

Kathy Sadler

Anonymous said...

Dannelly Family,
Sending you all of my prayers. From what I know of Kent, he will pull through this! He is such a strong willed kid, nothing can stop him. I am sending all of my love. Oh and by the way Kent...I am still waiting for our date!!!! LOL :)

Anonymous said...

Chris emailed me regarding Kent's accident. I was sorry to hear about it. My thoughts and prayers are with Kent and all the family. I will keep updated thru your Blog. Celeste Schrock(Chris Ramey's MOM)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kent & the Dannelly Family,

It's wonderful to hear of your progress. It seems your impulse is to roar and soar! We are not letting up one bit on the prayers and many of our friends and family are also praying for you. In fact, I think you are being prayed for by just about every denomination! Gus misses your harrassing and teasing him - continue to heal because teasing him is a big job and I can't do it all myself!

Becky McIntyre