Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tricky little punk!

So Kent pulled his feeding tube out last night . . . again. They strapped him back down. When my parents got there they let him loose. Then he tried to do it again. He rolled on to his side and started pulling stuff off again. My mom had to hold his hands down. They strapped him down. . . again. He then wrote them a note and told them that he wanted to take of his band aids. I think this battle will continue until he has all of his fun tubes out.

The physical therapist came in today and had him sit on the edge of his bed with help. He said that it made his head hurt so after 5 minutes they let him lie back down. He sat up again a little bit later.

Today he drank some blue water and when they suctioned his lungs he didn't have any fluid in his lungs so that is good news. He also drank 1/2 of his broth for breakfast.

He is getting REALLY frustrated that he can't have the tubes out (obviously) and that he can't talk. He wants to do everything for himself and while we want that too, realistically he just isn't up to it yet. It sounds like they won't put the voice box on his trach until next week. They are trying to get him to type on the computer but he hasn't wanted to yet.

It doesn't sound as if they will be moving him out of the ICU just yet so we really don't know when he will be back in Salt Lake. The doctors haven't concurred on anything. My dad's feelings are that he would rather have everybody save the gas and visit him when he is here and is functioning a little bit more. He is having a hard time remembering who has visited so far and he tires out really easily. His short term memory is getting a little bit better. At least now he knows where his truck is!

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