Wednesday, September 12, 2007

News from LeAnn (Mom)

Here's an email that my mom sent about Kent's progress. I thought you might like to hear from her instead of me for once.
Here are some more pictures of Kent. They got him to stand up this morning. Annette says he is strong enough we just need to work on his balance and then he should be able to start walking a bit. He is eating better this morning and seems to be doing good. They had him tied down when we came in. He does not like that. They said he was asking about his truck and wanted them to call us. We may take turns at night and stay with him so he can stay untied. It seems to really affect his morale when they tie him. We haven't heard anything yet this morning about the transfer. We'll let you know.
That's it for now.

Kent and Mom

Only Kent can look this good in the hospital. We're trying to find him a rehab with hot nurses! (Sorry BreAn!)

Apparently he "thumbs up" now as well as other finger gestures. I'm sure he's not giving a thumbs up to his tubes.

Here's a picture of Kent with some cards from out cousins Michael (black card) and Kirsten (pink card). Notice the black one on the left has a picture of Kent with an actual bandaid on his head. I'm thinking about putting the video message that they sent Kent on the blog because it is so funny. However, I'm not quite sure my aunt and uncle would be okay with me exploiting their children. :)


Anonymous said...

Haha! Hot nurses eh? Well i guess i can allow that;) I mean...if it keeps him motivated an all. haha. I am so glad to hear that he was able to stand up today. And if he's got the "thumbs up" sign down he's good to go.

Yal are still in my prayers and I know Kent will be strong and push through. I am going to try to send some pictures to that email of kents later on tonight that i thought he may want to look at.


Anonymous said...

What a Hottie!!! Doesn't matter where or what he's doing, Kent looks good.

Anonymous said...

our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family for a speedy recovery. It is great to see the progress Kent has made already.

Paul if there is anything we can do let us know.

Heather and Everybody at IDT in Caliente