Sunday, September 9, 2007

Some pictures of Kent awake!!!

Kent giving stink eye to Adam. We're not sure if this is his recovery working or if it's just how they normally look at each other. We'd test it on Bethany but the look is the same look he always gives her. Mom is the person that we can truly use to test the look.

Kent and his nurses Dave and Kristy.

Today has been the best day yet! Ben and I just went and told him that we were leaving and he looked at me and nodded his head. He also nodded when we told him that we would see him next week.

Hopefully Kent will be ready to have more visitors later this week. We will let you know as soon as that time comes. Until then please keep leaving him comments with him awake I'm sure he'l be happy to hear them.


Anonymous said...

Hey:) Please tell Kent that I miss him and to keep fightin! He is gonna get through this. Also, maybe ya can mention i'll be flyin home for his birthday! I really wish i could come and visit him this week when yal are allowin visiters texas at the moment... But im still prayin for you kent and i cant wait to see you when I get back. Hang in there:)
love, Bre

Anonymous said...

I just want Kent to know that I have been praying for him everyday since I heard of his accident. I check the website 10 times a day to check to see how great he is improving. I want him to know I know he will recover fine and cant wait to come visit him when he is allowed to have visitors.
Love Troy and the Bailey Family

Anonymous said...

there is no words that I can use to tell you and your family how happy I am that you are pulling through this. I knew that you were strong enough to handle everything that comes your way. Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

KENT! You rough rider you! This is Scottie boy letting you know that myself and the E.P. crew is keepin you in our thoughts and we're always dedicating random events in our daily lives that are important, to you buddy. (seriously though, we do)
Love ya buddy, truely glad to hear about your progress. Keep it up.

Also a big thanks to the dannelly family for keeping everyone with kent in their thoughts updated.

Anonymous said...

Just want Kent to know that Gus (4 yr old son) prayed for "Kent Shizzle to get a new face". We are all pulling and praying for you!
Brandon and Kristen Hall (Sadler)