Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mostly Back to Normal

Kent talking is sooooo much better! His trach is out and he can talk a lot better. Bethany was there with Ben and I and he gave her a good razzing. We knew he was himself when he started showing Beth his boogers. He made some additional threats that are typical to their interaction.

He is sooooo bored and takes every opportunity to tell anyone who comes into his room. We've come up with multiple plans to bust him out. The good news is they are letting him go home on Saturday! We just need to keep him entertained until then. (Please come visit him!!! We can only entertain him so much before he is ready to kick us out!)

His therapy is going really well. The doctor came in and tested the left side of his face and there is definitely some nerve damage. We don't know how long it will take to regenerate or to what extent it will heal. I asked him if he felt any different and he said that his brain feels slow. He also tells us that any fluid/goo that comes out of his mouth, nose or ears is his brain oozing out. Gross.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kent & Family,

What wonderful news!! You have been so generous to share Kent's progress with everyone and we are all looking forward to your return to the neighborhood. Kent, please use your influence to get Glen to cut his hair like yours - it looks very nice!

Gus & Becky

Kimmy said...

Well written article.