Monday, September 17, 2007


So Kent amazed us with a new skill tonight . . . talking out of the side of his mouth. It's really raspy but you can make out what he's telling you. I'm sure he's getting annoyed at his family guessing what he wants and has decided its almost easier to try to talk. They'll start putting the attachment on his trach tomorrow to help him speak a little more clearly. (As clearly as you can with a wired jaw)

He had on jeans and a t-shirt today so he is looking more like himself. He told me that he's bored and wants to get out. If you can think of a way to entertain him, go for it! His left eye is looking sooo much better and his walking is improving everyday.

He was reading the blog and all of your comments when we left the hospital tonight. We'll see if I'm in trouble for something that I've written tomorrow.

Thanks for the pictures, we added them to his frame. We still have tons of room so keep 'em coming.

Hey Kent . . . Ben's working on that entertainment we talked about tonight! :)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for texting me! I really was so excited to hear from you. It's pretty good news that you are able to text. Maybe even better than when you had your casts? Ha. Miss you tons!
Jessie... (again)